Press Clips

Press Clips

La Vanguardia – 16/12/2019

The dancer and choreographer Eduardo Guerrero will visit for the firs time the Teatre Musical (TEM) of valencia nex Friday December 20th for the premiere of his show ‘Sombra Efímera II’, a performance which makes use of the vanguard flamenco to talk about climate change and migration.

Qué! – Pepe Rodríguez – 09/12/2019

Faro is the surprising show with which the bailaor Eduardo Guerrero pays tribute to the poetry dedicated to those lonetowers which we associate with sad farewells and joyfull reunions and which have been cherished throughout the years for being a symbol of guidance and orientation in the cold dark nights at the sea.

Expoflamenco – 02/12/2019

The bailaor from Cadiz Eduardo Guerrero presented his show ‘Sombra Efímera II’ in the Maestranza Theatre in Seville. He dances to show us more and more artistic resources as well as a plethora of flamenco genres, features and dancing versatility.

TVE – 29/11/2019

Sombra Efímera II, a show made by a creator that keeps on breaking the molds and exploring new depths of flamenco art woven with plastic and visual arts.

20 Minutos – 12/11/2019

The bailaor from Cadiz Eduardo Guerrero, who was awarded in the Cante de las Minas Festival and who has danced along Eva la Yerbabuena, presents next Saturday his show ‘Guerrero’ in El Carmelo Auditorium of Tordesillas. The piece present a total antology os styles performed with a unique accent by a warrior dressed by Tere Torres.

El – EFE – 02/12/2018
El Corral de la Morería, from tablao to theater with Eduardo Guerrero

“Onírico” is a show commissioned by the family that runs the tablao. It is a project that immerses the public in the dream of an extrasensory trip that mixes fantasy and reality, “a flamenco escape in space and time, with technical and scenographic resources that are not used in a flamenco tablao”

Onda Cádiz – Laura Jurado – 26/11/2018
Eduardo Guerrero brought the audience to their feet with his most intimate show.

Heart, soul, and Flamenco, lots of Flamenco. This is what the audience enjoyed last Friday, during Eduardo Guerrero’s performance, at the Gran Teatro Falla. The dancer has become a prophet in his own land, with a proposal that culminated with a standing ovation at the Falla theater, and the artist in tears onstage.

Diario de Cádiz – Tamara García – 23/11/2018
It beats hard, the warrior's heart.

Guerrero is muscle, tension, agitated breathing, it’s the fine mantle of perspiration and, yet, the flexibility of desire. Guerrero is a heart that pumps dance at more than a hundred and twenty pulsations per minute. Guerrero is Eduardo Guerrero beating, beating strongly, in the ring where only a battle is possible… But there was a winner. One whom, in the final stages of the feat, sits on a simple wicker chair, leans one foot on the opposite knee, and makes a visual pan from right to left to watch the whole Falla Theater on its feet, clapping its hands to the rhythm, and one who smiles, with his chest still heaving above his warrior heart, beating strong.

Dance Magacine – Justine Bayod – 18/10/18

With a contemporary air that exalts—rather than obscures—flamenco tradition, and a technique and stamina that boggle the mind, Eduardo Guerrero’s professional trajectory has done nothing but skyrocket since being named one of Dance Magazine’s “25 to Watch” earlier this year. His 2017 solo Guerrero has toured widely, and he has created premieres for the Jerez Festival (Faro) and the 2018 Seville Flamenco Biennial (Sombra Efímera). In the midst of his seemingly unstoppable ascension, he’s created Gaditanía, his first work utilizing a corps de ballet. Guerrero is currently touring the U.S. with this homage to Cadiz, the city of his birth.

Diario de Cádiz – Tamara García – 10/10/18
Gaditania of Eduardo Guerrero

Dancer and choreographer Eduardo Guerrero continues his successful tour of the United States. The tour of the new formation of Eduardo Guerrero will continue until the end of October with different stops.

A proof of the impact of the different performances of Cadiz is that the prestigious American magazine Dance Magacine recommends Eduardo Guerrero’s tour among the seven best dance shows in the US.

ABC – Marta Carrasco – 17/09/18
Eduardo Guerrero dances in a bubble

The dancer from Cadiz releases today, in front of thefront of his Hispalense principalship his piece"Sombra Efímera", a coreography that is made inside a huge buble built by the italian architec Marco Canevacci.

“Sombra Efímera” is an installation project in which the dimensional images gain plasticity and allow the viewer to imagine a multiplicity of worlds, to build private and intimate spaces in relation to the public space. A creation where the Plastic Arts and the Performing Arts join together to contribute to each other, joining different artistic paths that dimension through beauty both disciplines.

David Montes – (Flamencomanía) – 07/08/2018
A lover in each harbour.

(...) In "Faro" one can enjoy different flamenco styles unitarily (...). In Eduardo Guerrero one can see presence and charisma. His gestures, shapes, and ways to occupy the space that surrounds him are making a different dancer out of him, That is something to be thankful for. (...) It is a real satisfaction to see how dance can be stopped, how both contemporary dance and flamenco can be paired and how he can continue to be original without losing the flamenco doctrines.

Le Dauphiné – Lux scene national de Valence (Francia) – 17/06/2018
An astonishing spectacle of grace and virtuosity.

Eduardo Guerrero proposed tonight a real coreographic act because he, alone with his musicians, fills all the space in a beautiful and integral way. The Lux was full to the point to having to reject viewers and the reviews were undivided, we had just witnessed something exceptional. With his face of 'Spanish Conqueror' Guerrero, by combining grace, power and emotion, conquered the audience, who took long minutes to cheer.

Maison de la Danse de Lyon – Amélie Bertrand – 14/06/2018 

Eduardo Guerrero is a flamenco warrior: he roars on the scene from the very first moment on it. However Eduardo Guerrero's dancing is strong, but sometimes it is also sweet and sensuous as the one of a woman.

Westdeutche Zeitung – Düsseldorfer Kultur – 04/04/2018

Outstanding ending of the show in which Eduardo Guerrero expanded the limits of dancing in the depths of philosophic commitment with the world and himself. 'Guerrero' is a word game with his surname and its meaning in spanish. His virtuous flamenco art embeded the notoriousdancer in an emotionally thrilling interpretation by using his gestures.

O-Ton – Kulturmagazin mit Chrakter – Michael S. Zerban – 03/04/2018

Not very often can one experiment the audience of the Tanzhaus so full of enthusiasm as it was last night. Guerrero standed on the scene enjoying the cheers and waited on his chair for quite long watching the storm he had provoked in front of him. These were his first applauses in Germany, and he receives them efusively and enthusiastically making it clear it is a special moment for him too.

Diario de Jerez – Fran Pereira – 04/03/2018

Eduardo Guerrero, a bailaor who only has his presence fills the scene. He has packaging, personality, and has learned to master the situation with a facility that frightens. His physical power is overwhelming and his dance is capable of caressing, intoxicating or pulsing the fiber, since it measures time with the precision of a clock. When he stops, braces and likes, as when dancing for the joys, when he goes wild, it is a tsunami with his feet, as shown by the cane and the seguiriya, and when he pulls improvisation he is unstoppable.

Eduardo is getting bigger every day on stage, and his versatility goes beyond a choreography, a brace or a wheelbarrow, no matter how difficult they are. It is endowed with something special that when confronted by the public ends up captivating him, whatever he does.

La voz de Almería 12/07/2017

With an overwhelming force and speed, the dancer from Cádiz conjugated classic elegance with contemporary winks, for a staging full of technique, as demonstrated by tarantas and alegrías, (…) A point of modernism that gave luster to its scenic domain, quite similar to the beginnings of a reference of the dance as Joaquín Cortés.

ABC – Marta Carrasco – Sevilla 26/04/2017
Three Horsewomen and a Warrior.

Eduardo Guerrero is on the move. His dance is chock-full of elements, it is intense, with powerful footwork, spectacular conclusions and dramatic finales; his arms draw geometric figures or join together above his head in gestures of pure Flamenco. The original costumes are equally remarkable: boots, leather, red jackets, tunics, skirts as those of ancient warriors, or polka-dot patterned shirts.

Without any doubts this spectacular performance portrays the best of this Flamenco dancer, who has been forged by hard work and notable results in companies such as those of Eva Yerbabuena or Rocio Molina. Eduardo Guerrero has managed to create a personal language, in his aesthetics, as much as in his gestures, or his dance. It seems that finally the warrior has won this battle.

Diario de Sevilla – Juan Vergillos – Sevilla 26/04/2017
Style Exorcisms

Brutal. Radical. He dances with fury and from the guts. Naked. An exorcism. But this Flamenco dancer never loses his elegance, the style that is his hallmark. He remains onstage throughout the performance, excepting at the end. This is a real ‘tour de force’, as much physically as, above all, emotionally. Guerrero is a total dancer, portraying a powerful technique that he has gleaned from the classics – Antonio – and also Carmen Amaya, updating their legacy with naturalness and, as said before, with elegance.

Revista la Flamenca – Luis M. Pérez – Sevilla 26/04/2017
Eduardo Guerrero, the Mother of All Battles.

The dancer from Cadiz claimed himself as one of the first dancing celebrities with his spectacle "Guerrero" in Flamenco comes from the South.
'Guerrero' is a spectacle worthy of being performed in every theatre of the world, not only for the quality of its choreography, but also because it is one of the most original performances that have been seen here in a long time.

A whirlwind force and an enviable physical shape that, in certain moments, seemed to be about to put out of joint and in other moments brought to our minds the shadow of a Christ of Juan de Mesa. Impossible ballances, squatting dances and even the guy creeping from side to side of the proscenium.
Eduardo Guerrero knows all the secrets aboout dancing, so he managed to move the most orthodoxal witnesses too, who thought they would go back home without watching classic dance. Top level arms, fantasy feet... in short: shivering and hair-rising.

Diario de Cádiz – A.C. – 15/03/2017

‘Guerrero’ (‘Warrior’), performed by the Flamenco dancer Eduardo Guerrero has been awarded the XVI Audience Award at the Jerez Festival.
The proposal made by the artist from Cadiz summed up an average of 9.95 points in the voting carried out by the audiences to the different performances that were presented at the Villamarta Theater, during the Festival. With this premiere performance of ‘Guerrero’ on March 10th he vindicated himself as being a dancer in full progression and has already become one of the main icons in the Flamenco dance.

El Mundo – Martín Martín – 11/03/2017
Eduardo overcomes 'Guerrero'

Eduardo Guerrero pushes any body movement that comes to his mind to the limit.
he result is what could be expected: there is no victory greater than that of vanquishing oneself. (…)in which the wounds of love are cured by deploying a purity of movement – almost always peripheral and brilliant – in which he shows extraordinary force and technique, requiring monumental synchrony for it’s execution.
He has known how to make the most of the Flamenco song universe, integrating it into the narrative of his proposal. This has made him become a well-considered figure of the moment. When he deals with themes such as enthusiasm, drama or eroticism, he invites us into an intimate creation, as narrative as it is literal, to go on to unfold the story of a man who confronts constant challenges, and overcomes them all.

Diario de Jerez – Fran Pereira – 11/03/2017
The Vanishing Point of Dance.

The Villamarta Theater acclaims an interesting conceptual proposal from the artist from Cadiz.

His stylized figure and his conception of dance have made him stand notably apart from the rest. Yesterday, in his solo premiere at the Villamarta Theater

not only did he vindicate himself as an artist in full effervescence, but he also presented the credentials towards becoming an icon of modern Flamenco dance.

He has the personality and condition, and all he lacked was a performance like ‘Guerrero’ (‘Warrior’), where he unfolds a language and an aesthetic approach to dance that are out of reach for most.

Global Flamenco – Silvia Calado – 11/03/2017
Pure illusionism

It was already clear to the eyes the role of the three female singers inset in the choreography with all their moves and positions patterned. The guitars were also patterned as a back ambient. And there he standed, the bailaor. He put everything in overwhelming by his technique possibilities, by his physical condition, by its impossible movement. One turn, another spin, and another twist, and another one. On his knees, on squatts, face down, on the ground, on the air, here, there... Pure illusionism. – Estela Zatania – 11/03/2017
El sorprendente Eduardo Guerrero.

This Guerrero is a great dancer, with a surprising technique mastery, a body made to dance, long arms and legs which he uses in the most original way, physical strength and above everything his ow character. A geometric and angular style, Eduardo Guerrero is Picasso's cubism on the move.

Diario Bahía de Cádiz

The 'duende' is around over all tiles in 'El callejón de los Pecados', by Eduardo Guerrero. This dancer kick-started last night in the Falla Great Theatre the 31st edition of the Iberoamerican Theatre Festival among olés and cheers from both sides of the Atlantic.

Elastic, elegant, with a privileged anatomy for dancing and a racy face chosen to experience the sweet smell of the Jondo, the bailaor takes advantage of it all and matching all the resources learnt through his extensive experience.

Feet at the speed of Hermes', the messenger of the gods, in the cadence of the shoe tapping, which could be the most remarkable piece of scenery, which only consists of three wooden boxes which the bailaor knocks down to step on them and leave every one of his fellow citizens in three different phases: pure shoe tapping, rythm game and ornament with a scarf. Wonderful.

Cádiz Directo – Amelia Gómez – 22/10/2016

We could enjoy a great staging carried out by the genious bailaor from Cadiz (...). It was a long spectacle of a bit more than an hour during which the dancer was able to claim the applauses and cheers of an audience that bought out all the tickets available. The audience knew how to admire his good ways on the stage of the Falla. We could admire the talent of a person that paired perfectly flamenco dance and contemporary dance. It was a delight for the eyes witnessing the shoe tapping, the impossible contortions, the way he moves his arms as well as the ellegance and force that the artist from Cadiz trasmits.

Diario Bahía de Cádiz – Francisco Mesa – 24/10/2016

No one can ignore the technical rich and the tremendous emotional impact of his dances, mixed up with torsions and impossible moves that put together his personal vision of flamenco dance, bestowed of exquisite and explosive baroque which he displays with passion and faith in his project (...)

Corriere de la Sera (Milán, Italia) – Valeria Crippa – 06/07/2016

Guerrero is a pure artist, possessing a natural instinct for the stage, and a magnetism whose histrionic exuberance shows spontaneity as a counterbalance.

Close-up there are two marvelous musicians, three monumental singers dressed in black, evoking the feminine ideal of maternity, an ever present source of support for the artist: Guerrero is the child that is rocked in their arms, and the adult with a broken body, reminding us of Christ in Michelangelo’s Piéta. Is Guerrero the new Joaquín Cortés? He is surely his most direct heir, a dancer prodigious for his technique born of a desire for choreographic freedom, which will cross genres, from Flamenco to Modern dance, and back.

De – Silvia Cruz – 03/07/2016

Note: This dancer does the best turns in nowadays Flamenco.

His dance is precise to the millimeter, knows speed well but yet enjoys a pause, and moves his arms better than the rest of the men in his profession.

Jot down: The Flamenco, which this story holds, is not entirely contemporary, nor is it immoveable, it is full of references and has an air about it that will soon become a brand.


That Eduardo will never be at a loss for a stage, that he may develop his idea of Flamenco, not exactly pure dance, nor empty of meaning. Wish this, because his work is demanding. Wish this, because he can become even better. And to say better, is to say that a state of glory can be reached – because what he presents in ‘Guerrero’ (Warrior), is a magnificent creation.


Go to see ‘Guerrero’, as soon as you can.
And don’t worry if at the end of the show you feel a certain feeling of disquiet in your chest: it is just your heart learning a new language.

El Mundo – Manuel Martín Martín – 05/03/2015

“(…) it allows to assess both the high technical skill of Guerrero and the complexity of its well thought-out and extensively elegant aesthetic, where the rhythm of tarantos, tangos or tientos by Lombo, complements the arrival of martinetes and soleás. Despite that all these varieties breathe the fresh air of different dance languages, they keep on preserving the linearity of their essences.”

El Diario de Jerez – Fran Pereira – 05/03/2015

“Guerrero knows better than anyone his appearance and the elasticity his body allows, and when it comes to express in a choreography, he takes advantage of those qualities to the point of exhaustion”. We all witnessed that talent while he was dancing tarantos, tangos and tonás rounded off with seguiriyas (…). The audience there present recognized the effort of the flamenco dancer who was finally given a standing ovation.

Global Flamenco – Silvia Calado – 05/03/2015

“The flamenco dancer met the expectations of the audience who crowded the room. And he did it with his infectious freshness and high expertise; with all the times he shined; with his great sense of rhythm and his provocative attitude. ”

De Flamenco – Estela Zatania – 05/03/2015

“Eduardo Guerrero is one of the best prepared dancers on the modern flamenco scene. He combines strength, creativity, experience and an excellent preparation (…). The artistic career and the dances of Eduardo Guerrero are invaluable.”