Eduardo Guerrero

Eduardo Guerrero

“Specialized critic said that he is brutal, radical. He dances with fury and from the guts. Naked. An exorcism. But this Flamenco dancer never loses his elegance, the style that is his hallmark.”

Eduardo Guerrero González (Cádiz, 1983) started dancing at Carmen Guerrero's school when he was only six. There he laid the foundations of his dance and kept on working to its development in depth, together with masters of the stature of Mario Maya, Antonio Canales, Manolo Marín, among others.

He studied Spanish Dance at the Conservatory of Dance of Cadiz and later expanded his knowledge of contemporary and classical dance.

From 2002, he began to work with great artists from the national scene who recognised and valued his undoubted quality, his physical capacity and his refined technique, developing leading roles in the Aida Gómez Company, Eva Yerbabuena, Rocío Molina, the National Ballet of Spain, Javier Latorre, Rafael Aguilar...

It was in 2011 when with his own choreography Mayo, he won the first Prize of the Choreographic Contest of Professional Conservatories and it was from then on, that Eduardo began his solo career, creating the following shows:

  • De Dolores, Jerez Festival (2012).
  • Las Minas, Festival de Cante de Las Minas, La Unión (2013).
  • Re-torno, La Abadía Theatre of Madrid (2014).
  • Callejón de los Pecados, Flamenco Biennial, Seville (2014).
  • Desplante, Teatro de la Ciudad, Monterrey, Mexico (2015).
  • Qualitätskontrolle, Amsterdam Der Kappel (2016).
  • Guerrero, Teatro Mayor de Bogotá, Colombia (2017).
  • Faro, tour Faros de España (2017).
  • Sombra Efímera, XX Flamenco Biennial, Seville (2018).
  • Gaditania, tour USA (2018).
  • “Sombra Efímera II”, Teatro de la Maestranza (2019).

Currently, Eduardo combines his tours with the creation of a new piece of work, together with artistic director Mateo Feijoo (Matadero de Madrid). It is a long process of research that began with the creation of "A Solo Piece a Flamenco Dancer" in 2016, which later became "Qualitätskontrolle" for the Bogotá City Festival, 2018

This gave rise to the desire to continue working on the relationship between dance and the plastic arts, which shaped the work "Sombra Efímera". The first piece, premiered at the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla in 2018, takes place within a bubble from the architecture studio Plastique Fantastique. After that, Eduardo continued with the development of the play, the most ambitious of Eduardo's career so far, "Sombra Efímera II", which was presented in its final version in December 2019 at "La Maestranza" theatre in Seville.

Throughout 2020 he has been the image of the new collection "A Morte" of the prestigious firm Adolfo Domínguez and has carried out multitudes of collaborations together with El Prado National Museum ("Reencuentro"), Madrid Hotel Week (" Flamenco Virtual ”) and the Madrid City Council (“ From Madrid to Heaven at Christmas ”). 

Currently, Eduardo is immersed in touring with his continuous training, involved in his latest project, “Debajo de los pies”, the most personal, transgressive and ambitious of his career, which will see the light at the next edition of the Jerez Festival.

This 2021 is a year full of new projects that Eduardo will combine with his previous creations, exploring different concepts in the world of dance to get away from established conventions and experiencing new performances within the plastic and visual arts.

This is the moment of this great dancer who, with a contemporary aesthetic, a deep knowledge of the essence of flamenco, its talent, its physique, and its great charisma, moves and thrills, becoming a success wherever he dances.


  • First Prize at the Choreographic Contest of Professional Dance Conservatories of Andalusia, for his choreography "Mayo", 2011.
  • "Desplante" award at the Festival de las Minas de La Unión, 2013.
  • "Gaditano" of the Year, 2016
  • Audience Award at The Jerez Festival, for his show "Guerrero", 2017
  • Pata negra award, 2018
  • Fiver Award at the International Dance Film Festival, for the short film "Symphony of the Body", 2019.