Sombra Efímera

Sombra Efímera

A dialogue between Flamenco dance and pneumatic – ephemeral architecture.
Directed by MATEO FEIJOO

A performance imagined for the Flamenco dancer, Eduardo Guerrero, and constructed in dialogue with Mateo Feijoo, Marco Canevacci and Clara Castro.

Sombra Efímera (Ephemeral Shadow) is the will to continue with the investigation on tradition in Flamenco Dance and the use of new technologies and installations in artistic experimentation. The dancer Eduardo Guerrero is the fundamental axis for this research. This desire for continuity is born following the experiment “A Solo Piece for a Flamenco Dancer”, presented in Amsterdam, on the 25th November 2016. On that occasion, Eduardo Guerrero, with his dancing, became the nexus of union between the electronic music created by Dr.Kurogo, and the fragmented filming in real time by Anto Lloveras.

The outcome of this experiment has been the growth of a desire to work in a more continuous way and to involve other artists in the generation of a new process.

In Sombra Efímera we want to create starting from the fieldwork. The investigation and gathering of images, the movements that anonymous people make as they let their emotions flow with the singing, the music, or the Flamenco dance.

Sombra Efímera is a proposal composed of different converging narratives, different artistic languages that make up a poetic whole. Music, image and architecture united by Eduardo Guerrero’s dance. Marco Canevacci’s ephemeral architecture becomes the framework for the dialogue between tradition and experimentation.

Sombra Efímera is an installation in which dimensional images gain plasticity and enable the spectator to imagine a multiplicity of worlds, to build private and intimate spaces in relation to public space. This is a creation in which Plastic and Scenic Arts join together, each contributing to the other, uniting different artistic paths that evaluate – through beauty – both disciplines.

As an installation, the Sombra Efímera (Ephemeral Shadow) works as well in interior spaces as it does in the open air. Its permanence can be more or less prolonged, and in all cases provides a distinguishing image to different cultural events.

The sculptural work in the construction of Plastique Fantastique is always a factor that amplifies the proposals it hosts, and at the same time opens up the international projection of Flamenco Dance to media formats, cultural fairs and spaces reserved for the Plastic Arts.

The guitar playing and the singing are indispensable elements of this interactive celebration proposed by Eduardo Guerrero in this new project.

Accompanied by the guitar played by Javier Ibañez, the voice of Manuel Soto and with the special collaboration of the invited artist, the singer Sandra Carrasco – Tangos, ‘Seguiriyas’, ‘Tarantos’, ‘Bulerías por Solea’ – we shall be taken on a sensorial journey to a unique and different experience.



© Marco Canevacci, C Castro, JC Duran, Carlos Koblischek, Óscar Romero y Luis Serrano.


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