QUALITÄTSKONTROLLE is the will to continue with the investigation on tradition in Flamenco Dance and the use of new technologies and installations in artistic experimentation.

The dancer Eduardo Guerrero is the fundamental axis for this research. This desire for continuity is born following the experiment “A Solo Piece for a Flamenco Dancer”, presented in Amsterdam, on November 2016. On that occasion, Eduardo Guerrero, with his dancing, became the nexus of union between the electronic music created by Dr.Kurogo, and the fragmented filming in real time by Anto Lloveras.

The outcome of this experiment has been the growth of a desire to work in a more continuous way and to involve other artists in the generation of a new process.

At the same time this allow us to investigate in the tradition of flamenco dance and the new contemporary proposals.

This piece aims to establish a dialogue between the more traditional forms of Flamenco dancing and the new languages. In this case, there is a direct connection to Anto Lloveras’ work through a video creation, which generates a memory -back ground for the dancer in the real-life city (a video is shown, recorded in the city where the event is taking place) and the surroundings where the piece is carried out, at the same time showing close-ups and fragments of Eduardo’s body in movement.

Another of the objectives, or points of view, that relate to dance is to involve, and keep in mind, the figure of a local musical creator, so as to initiate an active dialogue with the surroundings and the creative community living in the place where we are giving the performance.

This work with the local musician is a process of construction and creation, based on the movements in Flamenco and other musical readings. Eduardo dances different Flamenco palos (styles): Bulerías, Seguiriya, and Tangos, while the local DJ plays with the different rhythms, creating his own proposal.



© Carlos Lema

Artistic Rider