‘Faro’ (‘Lighthouse’) is a Flamenco performance inspired by the poetic image of a lighthouse. It was especially created for a tour that visited some of Spain’s lighthouses. Starting out in northern Spain, visiting the Faro de Peñas lighthouse in Asturias, then touring Avilés and the Faro de la Cerda in
Santander, continuing towards the south going from El Rompido in Huelva to Sacratif in Granada, and finally proceeding from Cartagena to Tarragona in the east of Spain, to end up in Cadiz – whose lighthouse is a part of Eduardo Guerrero’s first childhood memories. The lighthouse here is the scenario of
storms and splendid daybreaks, of farewells and happy re-encounters, witness to innumerable battles and magical celebrations, and it now welcomes Eduardo Guerrero’s performance with the same naturalness as when it basks in spectacular and nostalgic twilights.

‘Faro’ is a performance without a script, where we are given a taste of different Flamenco styles, and versions of the mythical songs that have been inspired by the image of a lighthouse. In ‘Faro’ musical numbers are inserted into Eduardo’s dance in such a way that the performance develops in crescendo.

The simple white stage setting gives emphasis to the colorful Eduardo ‘s costumes, and places the limelight on his magnificent and precise

The slimness and elegance of the lighthouse fits in with Eduardo’s figure just as
it does with the waves of the sea it illuminates.



© Paco Lobato, M. Alanis, Féliz Vázquez.

Artistic Rider